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  1. Just in case you really want to know how that transparency occured: long time exposure mixed with flash. First it exposes for about two seconds and then comes the flash. The flash prevents motion blur, the long time exposure will cause transparency effects. Get more sleep, don't smoke more than you can deal with and stop tripping. Sissy. The devil ... :haha:
  2. :haha: American rappers always come to Germany to beat people up it seems. When Boo-Yaa tribe was in my town (Braunschweig) one skinny guy had the bright idea to throw a plastic cup on stage. One of the tribe came down, held him up against the wall with one hand and beat him up with the other. There were also rumors that they also beat their own bus-driver because he didn't turn on the air-conditioning. 50cent got chased off stage in London. England-Germany: 1-0.
  3. Can't we just let this nerdy smart ass thread die? Please don't tell me that threads can't die because they don't live and then turn this into a discussion on the definition of "life". Just stop it. Now! Please.
  4. maybe they don't tolerate spelling mistakes? The word is insurgents, not insurgaints. But then again ... 12oz would be an empty forum. Okay, seriously, self-censorship sucks sometimes. This is shocking. Where is the article? Link?
  5. I'm so tired of this myth that Americans donated the most. In total, yes, because it's a huge country. But on a per capita basis, which is more important, America is number 18. Number 18!!! That means that 17 countries have donated more per capita. And this in spite of the fact that America is the world's richest country. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donations_for...er_capita_basis Of course we (Europe, Asia, Australia, ... whoever) should still donate to the USA. If they accept our help, that is.
  6. Of course the USA has our sympathy. We can't stand Bush, but many US-Americans seem to hate him too. We don't have any hard feelings against the population. This whole disaster is shocking, especially when we witness on TV how little has been done to help the people in Louisiana. It does seem to be a racist thing.
  7. igor

    Kanye West

    the white american media don't like black people.
  8. What's much worse: camp X-Ray at Guantanamo. They have hundreds of political prisoners, no fair trials, inhumane treatment, etc... Now THAT's something worth fussing about.
  9. http://www.okflavor.com funny links http://www.linkdup.comlist of well designed sites http://elfqrin.com/hacklab/ljimages.php the latest pictures that have been uploaded to livejournal.
  10. Then what i said wasn't for you. There are still too many liars anyway. I didn't get that joke btw.
  11. What a bunch of sissies you all are. That person is somewhere between saddening and funny, a pittiable failure of nature. Nothing more, nothing less. Y'all can't sleep? Get nightmares? What the fuck?!!!! How old are you all? 10? 11? You're the REAL joke on this thread.
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