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  1. some more flicks from berlin areas...loads more to come..peace
  2. pesky

    uk wall flixs

    yeah it is.... and heres another from soton... nzie - soton
  3. daang berlin is too sick.......lots of stree action and some really nice walls... shame about it being soo cold after dark lol... got loads of flicks to post but not enough time today.... post em all next week... peace
  4. yeah thanks scribbler, much appreciated, are there any legal wall writers wanna hook up in berlin? im there for a week startin from mon the 11th feb? would be good to get on a summin hit up http://www.myspace.com/nzedah i will post up the flicks of my first trip to berlin when im back, getting exicted now....peace
  5. pesky

    London Walls

    dont know if these qualify they are in and around london and on walls - 2005-2006 peace unigate feltham
  6. irgendjemand weiß von irgendwelchem guten Saal von Berühmtheit, in Berlin zu malen? wenn u auf Englisch oder gerade eine Liste von Plätzen antworten kann? Frieden
  7. hello everyone, some really decent works posted here! im currently doing a project on architecture, with the bauhaus design in mind, i have a strong interest in 3d product design but was wondering if anyone can help me with research on architectural designers?, i am partic interested in a book i briefly saw called natural architecture any1 read it? its amazing truely inspirational, anyways will post some works up when i can... peace
  8. painted a while back in bedminster 07, - alope, zeb(france), audio, dang, ponk and paris audio and dang close
  9. pesky

    uk wall flixs

    safe. aint been down for a while now, i think i kno u? gk? yeah anyways safe
  10. some sick styles in here.....im looking to find some hofs to paint in berlin over feb, any1 got lists some nice spots. peace
  11. pesky

    uk wall flixs

    below nzie, kai1 and pars - j6
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