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  1. allot of umm... whats the word ? "coffee table artists"? like people that study and talk allot about art thats cool though, it would be cooler if the toy was cheaper though, like for 10 bucks, shit..id probably buy one for 10 bucks. just cause duchamps work became famous doesnt mean hes good, it just means a million people are stupid and lame as fuck. like the reason wack rappers go platinum
  2. rip having a brain is not a requirement in the military. i have a BA in political science, i know more about you than you know about yourself
  3. private or not but they still are going to restrict the amount of people going in and i will not be restrictd because i have good connections i think it is private though, like for big shots, which is someone i know
  4. nobody can beat what im doing on halloween... Private party in the motherfucking SEARS TOWER!
  5. 0 if you hate your life more than a 5, then i suggest you diet strictly by eating one meal a day, very few snacks. lift freeweights everytiime your about to leave your house, and before eating breakfast. get a nice haircut, like ablowout, low fade. clean your shoes, where light colored clothe. like white or light gray shirts, white shoes, and light blue jeans. stop wearing watches and use your cell to know the time. if your in college, read what you have to read, thats in the syllabus even if the teacher doesnt discuss it in class, but just to know so you wont feel fucked up in and out of class. if you work, do the best job you can. dont masterbate or look at porn every single day. my point is, physical well being equalsmental well being vice versa Praise be to Allah, ask Allah for any help, not other people. Allah is the arabic word for God by the way. wow, im feeling peacefull as fuck lately..
  6. she may have looked chinese because down syndrome makes everyone look chinese. either way, she didnt mean to do it. where you sitting in the priority seatings for lderly and people with disablitities? whicha re in the front or by the doors in the back or front? reason #14 to buy a car: other pssengers on public transportation.
  7. is this a sushi thread? if so... caliornia rolls, good salmon rolls..good spicy salmon rolls...good all in all..sushi is overrated like downtowns
  8. your pretty e hard. you can believe what you want, i just thought you believed the mainstream beliefs. anyway. did you know having a brain is not a requirement to be in the US military?
  9. killing animals for sport..cmon arcel, your disgusting
  10. ironic isnt it someone with native american roots in the United States military you killed your own great great grand father
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