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  1. wish i could help, cause i live in orlando right now, there's this dude named nesto, u might see is name on some trucks....kinda cool...but i don't have any pics, trucks be flying by so fast
  2. nice progress....this is a good way for all of us to learn
  3. i gotta agree too, i love ya work, but he got a point, looks nothing like ur other work.
  4. ur not that bad....but ur improvng...nice size on ur letters....u got an idea....just keep practicing
  5. imation


    i've heard of it, but it doesn't sound good to use, so that's why i wouldn't know, but its good that ur experimenting...teaches ya some things...
  6. maybe yur right, the kid i know s one of those people who harrass people about dumb shit and when u answer them they go "why?"
  7. go lust, i love ur work, always got me seeing more
  8. click the x in ur top right corner of ur thread
  9. i love this thread, post more
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