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  1. Yeah, i'm aware there's a guy who writes tense in London... but the outline & tag above, i did back in 95 / 96, when i used to write tense myself. I changed my tag a good few years ago though, still do outlines and stuff now and again, but haven't painted for ages. Peace ;)
  2. end2end


    Couple of bic biro throws i did while bored at the office!! :rolleyes:
  3. Yeah, it'd take a while to get around but just imagine a huge blackbook filled with all kindsa flavas and styles USA, UK, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam... the lists endless!! You'd just have to make sure you kinda know or trust the person ur sendin' it too! I suppose it's a nice idea, but can't really see it workin' out. Who knows? Some old stuff of mine... Tense Treks (sorry 'bout the blurred photo)!! Base
  4. Hey y'all, when's this passaround book due to be shipped across to the UK..? I got about 3 writers who i know are well safe (i can trust 100%). We'll do a page each (4 in total) then ship this baby back! All that said... It's prob gonna be 2010 before we get on the damn list!! :huh2:
  5. Not bad elios, reminds me of some of the stuff i did when i was starting out. What surface did u do that piece on? concrete, wood, earth??
  6. end2end


    Yeah... Must admit i quite like throwies using one line only outlines, like this aide^ Also saves time when done super quick, when bombing. Nice! ;)
  7. end2end


    Some of my hands from mid 90's.
  8. Hi, Not painted or sketched for a number of years now... was clearin out me draws in me room and found a load of outlines, sketches & handstyles!! Mostly all from mid 90's. Any feedback appreciated. Tense (oldskool style)
  9. LOL... Retro funk acid style eh! Sounds funky as fuck! :haha:
  10. LOL at Evoke! I don't think you should really be puttin' a crown above your tag claiming to be some kinda graf king! I don't think i'd be too far wrong in sayin' u need... practice, practice, practice! Maybe you'll get there one day? :dazed:
  11. end2end

    My Works!

    Don't know how long u been writing for? But if you are in the early stages, you're deffinately startin' out the best way, just keepin' your letters simple and not adding any arrows or mad letter connections and shit to confuse matters! Just try and perfect all your letters in the simplest form before moving on. Keep up the good work! :spin2:
  12. end2end


    On that last earo pic (that starsabove re-posted), is that a shadow effect you've put in where the letters overlap? Or is it just my eyes decieving me!? :confused:
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