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  1. well first off you definitely dont want feedback from any of these kids that come on this thread. 90 percent of the kids that ur gonna get feedback from ARE worse than you are. that blue piece that you did is actually not to bad. the only thing i dont like about it is the lines and shit that you put in there just to take up the negative space. its not that i dont like it, cause you do have the right idea, i just dont like how you didnt somehow connect them to your letters. the next time you do a piece like that try to connect that shit to your letters somehow that way you dont just have stray lines going every which way. and your hands are a little too basic. a nice little trick to gettin your hands better is to practice them in cursive. but dont do basic english cursive, add your OWN funk to your shit, whatever YOURE feelin at the time. and dont be pointy with your letters whatever you do cause that looks wack as fuck. make your hands flow together and look effortless. use capitals and lowercase letters here and there also. but make it all flow together. and dont put crowns, question and exclamation points, underlines, or quotations around your shit. its just toy. if theres anything else you need feedback on ill be glad to help seeing everyone else in pittsburgh is either wack or a dick.
  2. wow... stop it... if there is ANYONE in the burgh thats actually got some style please show these children WHY their shit is terrible. freak, cruel, and whoever else is posting in this thread please check your shit at the front door cause youre just giving yourselves an early grave on the streets wit that shit. youre just making yourselves look like assholes posting shit thats wack. but i cant stop you from postin shit so go right ahead.
  3. YA HE DOESNT NEED TO PROVE HIMSELF TO YOU MAN HES ALREADY BEEN PROVEN TO KING KROOK! HES SEEN MAD FLICKS OF HIS SHIT! i do have to agree with you tho. catchin whiteout tags on a parking meter is pretty fuckin dangerous when youre wearing a suit. you cant wash them fuckers, theyre dry clean only! :clown2:
  4. that wild style peice was hurt to say the least... it would have helped if either one of them knew how to dip into some wildstyle shit... sers the shit is nice and clean but youre just stayin on the same ol same ol shiatt... im not hatin or anything but yinz are actin like his shit is groundbreaking... mad props sers... just dont see the hype... nah mean?
  5. Re: try again Is your last name Cleo? Cause you just read my mind... Sike Desao your stuff is lookin better but you need to break your style away from aesia's a bit. I understand he is teaching you but i think dont his stuff is that great anyway. Work on them hands too cause they are lookin kinda rugged.
  6. heres a couple things from my boys adecer and deft that they drew up when they were all fucked up over my place... http://www.imageshack.us/img2/975/2004_0319Image7.JPG'> http://www.imageshack.us/img2/4649/2004_0325Image7.JPG'> http://www.imageshack.us/img2/1671/2004_0319Image8.JPG'> check out them hands too... they are both sick fuckin writers
  7. Naw Gene Hackman Isn't one person. I know this cause I know all the dudes that use that name and theres like 5 of them I think unless they gave the password to someone else too. They can fuckin paint their asses off but they would be cooler if their ego's werent as big. I'm not gonna tell you guys who they are but I will tell you that you probably have or will paint with them at one time or another. Oh and they arent all from the same area, none of them are from Greenfield, and who the fuck is Riot?
  8. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_001P.jpg'> Adecer http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_002P.jpg'> City http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_003P.jpg'> Deft http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_004P.jpg'> Old Lite http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_005P.jpg'> Old RA Shit http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_006P.jpg'> Some Throwies http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400526730_008P.jpg'> More Old Shit More flicks comin soon...
  9. damn i hope this thread dont die down... well if you guys arent gonna post shit then i will... maybe this is a good thing... maybe you guys arent sittin at your comps and actually painting... i am posting this before i go out and paint :P http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/go9D2_gangsta2.JPG'>
  10. stolen from miami thread Faheem is takin over!
  11. god damn... amsterdam's shit is hot... keep it up definitely... post more flicks plz!
  12. thats nothing awesome or anything its just a couple i like :king:
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