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  1. houses no, apartment buildings yes cause they usually got the ill rooftops for rollers and such. no cars or nature stuff or memorials though
  2. neckface=#1 on the vandal squad list according to a friend of mine who just got busted by VS
  3. uhhh sorry guys, dont mean to let you down but im not a cop. just cause i dont have 35032159175932 posts doesnt mean im some fucking cop. yes i could see how this thread might be suspect. im doing a paper for school that i want to focus on ja and his approach to graffiti so i need pictures to attach and also jas a big influence and i just want it to have. but if you dont want to help alrighty.
  4. haha sorry, i was in a rush to get this topic out and i was just talking to my friend about seen pieces, i guess i just had a brain lapse. yes, im looking for ja bombs. peace
  5. so im trying to get flicks of as many of jaones pieces as possible for a project im gonna do but i dont really know where to start. there arent really too many left in the city and the only place i know ive seen some flicks is here. so if some dudes can help me out and post any ja flicks that they have it would help me out alot. post em if you got em
  6. so who in nyc knows of HA? i personally think hes dope. simple stuff, but cool looking, almost like neckface but better. tell me what you think. post some flicks if you got em
  7. see thats the thing. my friend goes to an art college in the city (i wont name which one, just in case) and neckface also goes there for art or painting or whatever. so what you said could be completley on point. what if neckface is just spraying so that when people look at his real art, someone will say "oh thats neckface the graffiti artist" i like his stuff alot, but that could be whats happening
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