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  1. nigga fuck you and your comments go suck yours boyfriends (hardcorebom8)'s dick ghetto loser what the fuck you write?do you even write? thugin4myNiggas you there?
  2. :loopy2: i guess sleep is affecting me
  3. where hardcorebom8 bitch go? ghetto toy------>thugin4myniggas
  4. hahahaha i cant i didnt go to med school..........
  5. Salvia divinorum i heard Salvia divinorum aka mexican mint, is legal anyone know if it is ? a mexican plant(natural) that gets a person high like LSD
  6. effyoo i dont smoke every day i have a life and i doesnt evolve around me smoking i find you comment funny fuck what you like and think(cause it doesn't help)
  7. ARCEL i checked it out its kool thanks
  8. So anyone got some real knowlegde on this subject fuck high clowns
  10. effyoo you asshole laugh all you want, physically addictive? go to a marijuana facts website ignorant fool you smoked your self retarded? or have you been smoking crack?
  11. effyoo! smoking stress sucks fuck that shit unless you grow some bomb-bomb it's mentally addictive.... i used to smoke most chons, mids P.S. fuck you i'm not broke got a career got a life
  12. ARCEL i know about the oxygen gets cut off from the smoke but some smokes (ex. peanut skins) leave one with a high for a while.... depends what you been smokin'
  13. Space Base Hook it up with the 16 page highs
  14. Bo i mean home made about the freezing and shit thats the way i cook my ginseng till it turns dried up hard then in a zip lock bag turns white rocks,powder no your not dumb Bozack you want the "make different D's" hit me up
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