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  1. honestly, why would anyone even post something like that? booooooh!
  2. man, coroner... you just dont get it. no one likes you because you're irritating. so just go away poser.
  3. Pen15

    Toys post here...

    what with you girls. why do some people think that the more squigly your letters are, the more graffiti like it is. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v21/waestedwonder/toy.jpg'> p.s. coroner is gay. hate hate hate on you. http://www.whatsbetter.com/static/images/1175.jpeg'>
  4. coroner... your comments are useless and waste space. please stay out of this thread.
  5. Pen15


    lil john is irritating. and why do guys call themselves lil? lame ass.
  6. no offence and all, but thats gay.
  7. tao"k? everyone's doing this "k shit now. it's the new crew name trend.
  8. Pen15


    threads eventually die. why the fuck did you make a new thread? just fucking add onto you old one. dumb shit.
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: stupid shit.
  10. better than the nasty shit above
  11. Pen15

    The Bible

    Re: More Ink 1.1 NEW ERA post more of your shit!!!!
  12. i didn't, he did. he's trying to post this image... (click quote) http://C:Documents and SettingsRayden TsutsuiMy Documents544190_1132884101066258787_vl.jpeg which isn't going to work.
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