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  1. Hey congrats... I don't think I know you but I would come to your wedding as long as I don't have to dress up. I don't have any dress clothes since I'm a blue collar grunt from michigan.... Actually I have my class A and class B uniforms but I don't particulary dig getting into those fuddyduds. Actually maybe I would do it but that would require dry cleaning and pressing and all that jazz I am not immediatly prepared to deal with.
  2. 1) Mr. Bungle- "the Legend of Zelda" HAHA! 2) The first Palestinian MC 3) Some of Bush's business bills. 4) Cali=Gari 5) Canada 6)"Natural Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence" (I haven't read it yet though. I have oodles of books to feed my noodles.) 7)"The Symbiotic Man: A New Understanding of the Organization of Life and a Vision" ( I haven't read this either, Surprise! You might be thinking this was written by a canadian but really it was a french man.) I must say I was somewhat disappointed with Visions of Ghandi.:o
  3. Just last night this fawker who I've chewed out a million times for acting like an eediot child goes and does it again. Only this time I didn't chew him up. I assumed ( i hate assuming) that the people he was with would know enough not to let this fucker drive drunk ( or sober perhaps even, supposedly he WAS sober when this happened!) and well they didn't know what the fuck was going on i guess and this garbage pail head runs a red light and gets plastered on the side of his car going like eighty and spun the fuck around a godzillion times and flippin hit like six other cars, including a cop
  4. I've been tinkering with the idea of moving to canada for some time now. I think the whole crew I used to piece with up and bounced to canada. Major problems right now holding me back are the military, money, ... what the hell am I going to do? Just move there? I don't have a job but I'll look into it. I should get more employable skills under my belt anyway. What about my guns? I can't bring my guns? What if one of those peaceloving canadian hippies attacks me? I got about two years left in the military though.... I'll see what happens.
  5. If you live like it's your last day, you're going to die tommorow. I don't know what I'd do. I've been seeing too much fucked up shit around me to be thinking like that. I just don't want to do it.
  6. Damn yo I been looking and looking myself!!! I cannot find that ANYWHERE!!!! That nine livez was the first CD I ever bought. And even now on my third CD collection I find it essential. Please, please hook me up..... I'll send you money...I don't get paid till the first though (no that aint welfare for any haters) I aint got no flix right now either. Just hook me up please. You know what else I can't find ANYWHERE? Jasper and the Prodigal Suns. WTF!?!? And why the hell doesn't anyone listen to ska anymore!?!?! WHY GOD!?!?! WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!??!?!?!
  7. I usually tell it how it is even if it gets me in trouble... and sometimes I express harsh opinions. I just happen to feel that the truth is more important than any one persons ego. This is kinda of subject though. But yeah I've gotten myself into some shit.
  8. I liked him better before he sold out detroit underground (which is all detroit ever had to begin with) became rich and famous and started fucking big titted bimbos. But I suppose this is a matter of personal taste and conviction.
  9. I miss my Judgement Night CD. That was like my favorite CD forever. Why don't you just listen to gabber? I know it's not exactly "dirty hip hop" though. I got this Delta9 VS Napalm Death track !!!! AHHHH!!!!! That is some hot shit.
  10. This hazing bullshit is fucking outta hand. What ever happened to simple assault and extortion and shit? That was bullying back in the good old days. I blame bad parenting and the global village television global consciousness. Things are getting ill. Worse all the damn time. NOONE would have tried that shit on me in highschool cause they KNEW I would kill their ass and be happy about it.
  11. You're marching to your own beat. Follow the market. Manufacturing is/has moved to sweatshops overseas or replaced by robots. The tech bubble burst (awfully fast I might add), the way of the future is biotech, and firms are already licking their lips at the thought of aging baby boomers. With the mean average age of the U.S. rising, we are going to develop a serious drug dependancy. Not to mention breakthroughs in genomics, and proteomics, and *gasp* embryonic stem cells! But if you want to be out of step with the world to follow your dream, that is on you. Just remember, it is not that far
  12. Mythra

    good books . . .

    I'm into "intelligent literature" cause I'm not stimulated by anything else. Good reads lately: Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgens Esq.- This book is so deep, it is the entire history of languages, religions, and nations, from a nonbiased viewpoint. It even describes the original language. The original religion, everything. Even prehistory. This guy spent 10 hours a day for 20 years writing this book. That is some serious hard work and it shows. He was persecuted and everything and his work has (of course) never recieved the acclaim it deserves to be in the hall of scholars. Foucault's Pend
  13. Bet you can't guess my previous nick which crapped out on me by some mysterious unseen glitch....
  14. I don't think any of those are a felony. You shouldn't have to mention that when applying for a job.
  15. You could always join the military. Life is never so bad that you can't throw your life away for your country instead of doing it yourself. Why we got excons, and felons, and villains, and all sorts of ruffians and hooligans. I'm working on homesteading. what the fuck could go wrong if your homesteading besides an ACT OF FUCKING GOD?!?!
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