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  1. no mo talk just come find me u need an address 2 damn i got urs... wanna handle up in Hobby Lobby just meet me there ill b nice... break candy in yo mouth like a rotten life sava
  2. dire straits fuckin rule but i need my ass beat still wanna back up that "bitch" chump... 635 05 3340 Chad emery bitch still love paula n rapin candy...
  3. watcha know about being just a drunk writer kiddies smock still waitin fuck this im fallin offf peace:lol:
  4. boo boo boo boo bbboo boobooboobooboo boo boo boo bu booo booo booo bo pehhew boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo pinche weah email me u slezzy hoe
  5. whoa log n 4 dis one.. wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahaha get tha point.
  6. re... plug got shot in tha face.....shouldnt ask questions:five-o: :five-o: huh?
  7. hahaha:lick: :lick: :lick: :lick: :lick: :lick: buncha closed mouthz..ncoldfingers
  8. topic of choice......SCREWSTONE man dallas sucks as a city no flicks that pretty much sucks too....
  9. EightFuckinSicksBitch.... o no was the deal bigg pimpin chi town the mobs going to be rollin trough the event in 210 4 shure so i might be in town next week or somthn we can go catch sum 1$ lone stars LOOK OUT! :mexican: :mexican: :mexican: :mexican: :krunk: :krunk: :krunk:
  10. nv you be checkin out taoism and affiliates as well?
  11. nv you be checkin out taoism and affiliates as well?
  12. nice to have you in our city were tha beef flows to your knees.... to bad the flics fuckin went away..
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