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  1. "you dont think theres some motherfucker in the ghetto playin the guitar"-james
  2. what small southeast town are you benchin? i dont bench shit .
  3. dont forget grace and maul..remember them
  4. i fucked her four years ago...chopy choper
  5. i got a picture of my friend chillin with the real whiteboy flipdog...this shits funny though i used know some kids like that.. wait a minuete thats all my friends..
  6. huurrs an answer for all of you stop painting trains...i think justin timberlakes cry me a river song is appropriate for this thread
  7. hers my two cents..paint wherever..if i did a good freight and some sucky motherfucker got up right next to my shit then i guees oh well..im not gonna cry..ive been forced to get on a car when my spot was bare..we all have done that..i have also seen people cry sidebust and then that motherfucker has sidebusted me or whoever and if you dont like it quit..the last thing this world needs is another freight writer..its obvious who rocks with who if your real you know..just come off if your gonna do it..i hate crybaby bitches..you think sidebusted on trains suck..try gettin sidebusted on a freeway..that fucker sucks anyways
  8. tell me if you know this guy: i only paint freights ..moniker this, streaks that..ive done like tons of trains..rare boxcar this.rail fan that..fuck walls..throw ups suck..then he name drops some other freight guys he knows..style he is into..and vibes you hard with his mesh hat..then takes his of mexican decent tape and puts on some slayer.. maybe you know his friend: fuck trains..you cant tag, rack paint this, i only do throw ups..fuck hip hop..name drop some hardcore dudes he met..i cant read your shit you suck..you bite this..im so hard with my spike belt..my heads so big fuck you ive been writing for like a year before you started..my hoods so hard..and hip..pbr beltbuckle motherfucker.. mother fuckers are the same everywhere i go..i just laugh
  9. good..gotta keep on keepin on..even if your in a small scene..not much inspiration here..all ive seen is mostly garbage..im sure there is some good stuff buried around somewhere..do your thang..send me some pics if ya got time or acess or post some more local stuff..paullyshore1984@hotmail.com
  10. im am visiting south carolina for a little while..good to see locals gettin rep..i think i used to see sour when i was in seatlle..maybe a different dude..its been a while and im old..
  11. anyone down to swap flix in the chs,sc area hit me up..wow im a fuckin nerd..who who gets down here..give a outatowner some insight..or just be a smartass..yeah fool ..oh yeah ...i see these guys everywhere..sigh,gsouth,chsme,lots of dudes ripin freights..no shit..paullyshore1984@hotmail.com
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