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  1. raekwon....the name of my flower sack baby in 7th grade health.
  2. ernest hemigway is a sav a farewell to arms was so sureal, the entire book made me want to find the love of my life and live seperate from everyone, besides making me want to drink heavily. in fact i drank hella while i was reading the bookl
  3. drink40s


  4. until about halfway thouh this thread, i thought one of kabars interests was building mexican outhouses, banjos, cause in mexico they build them from salvaged material over a whole in the ground
  5. when i was in new york, i noticed that when people went to chinese places, they never ordered chinese food theyd order stuff that wasnt even on the menu, like fried chicken and fries. and the dudes i was with there told me not tog et chinese food and get that, i saw this multiple times, liek veveryone in ther estaruant would be eating fried chicken, at several differetnt places
  6. yo seattle died, theres a few cats besides JW using the name jay dub right now, and its been the cause of some confusion elsewhere also
  7. but gang green you should be posting, up until those old school pictures first started getting posted, i had no idea seattle graff went back that deep, same with a lot of other people in seattle right now, so you should post more so we can see what seattle used to be like.
  8. oh wow just cause he doesnt have mad flicks on 12 oz, hes not a true all city kings, hahaha, what the hell are you talkign about, is your head actually made of iron, maybe in the dirty south being an all city king means you have one more piece in the local drainage ditch what are you trying to say iron head
  9. drink40s


    whats with all the random posts decdicated to old northwest writers sour and adek and now jabber. even tho there all sick, and id love to see flicks
  10. in NYC they give you tickets for rapping
  11. rimshot my freind, hes obviously not into graff, he does the silver circles to fuck with writers, hes a 64 year old man that hates taggers. and chose to fight fire with fire.
  12. good post by ec, and seattle died, digging the older stuff, especially the wto flick. flare berst and the kyt shit, and sourthe freight flicks are sick, bhive and daner sick, much love to the cats drinking 40s
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