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  1. GALLERY LOMBARDI West 3RD BABY checked that shit out yesterday
  2. digging smoks letters i live in austin now, hadnt seen much houston in a while and was wondering, whatever happened to nv? he had one of the ssikest houston styles i gotta say.
  3. ZENAC and phiks ation. lookin clean
  4. ssik was a skate crew me and homies started about a year and a half back, its mellow now though, i see the confusion. FUCKIN ASSHOLES;)
  5. i now reside here in austin from houston, and its fun as fuck. expect some flix soon. OOOOBEEESEEEEEEEEEE
  6. theKEENone


    print me one of those balls
  7. awweeee narcs is so fressshhhhhhh what a cutie. hahah bump characters. IS THERE A CALGARY THREAD? im here right now getting flicks and want somewhere to post them. if theres not a thread for calgary ill just post em here. and wackkdoff
  8. GOD DAMN SAINT cut it out. haha really really ssik. what do you use for fills?
  9. im in calgary right now, originally from houston, and im exploring the great graff scene here in canada, its really ssik, and i saw an el toro sticker up on an electrical type box here, and i was wondering where he/she was located, its great up here and everyone who has the opp. to go to calgary should. is there a calgary thread? ILL HAVE SOME flix to post up in it if there is. someone direct me to it if they could, i cant find it.
  10. i agree, but its alot. thank god for good flicks, im in calgary canada right now and im catching mad flicks, the graff scene here is great. if anyone has the opprotunity to go to calgary do it. it is fucking insane prettier girls(with accents sometimes!) good graff, good weed, better weather in the summer, the air is cleaner, more to do, and lots of asians!!!!!!!! rep calgary!!24hahahah someone direct me to a calgary thread if they can, i cant fuckin find one.
  11. damn this thread keeps getting better. its a refreshing return.
  12. pretty cleannn i must say. blood and gore is back nobody missed my ass
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