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  1. chez

    Philly Style

    i like thta piece kare
  2. chez

    Philly Style

    thanks for the advice kare i'll deffinately try to step it up on that aspect some more...that 2nd pic i posted is way to big man i gotta take that back to editor and resize it and post it again cuz when its magnified like that the lines look really sketchy worse than they really are.. but i'll do all that tmw
  3. chez

    Philly Style

    summin i did a lil while ago
  4. chez

    Philly Style

    chezmatic! i got a better one no pic yet thow http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400560035_002P.jpg'>
  5. chez

    Philly Style

    agua hands http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400560035_001P.jpg'>
  6. chez

    Philly Style

    game..hopefully it works http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400560035_003P.jpg'>
  7. chez


    use wut ever u can man.. nething u can rock wit is wut u should use wheather it be prismas or cheap ass rose art washable markers i seen people rock wit crayolas and that shit comes out hott and i seen people use prismas and all that stuff and make shit hott too it all depends on ur style ur creativity and the effect u want crayolas can give ur shit a real old school look if u want n prismas can fade out like crazy n all other sorts of phat looking shit it dont matter wut use its how u use it sometimes strate pen is the hottest shit arround ya know
  8. Ok true ink dont gotta be permanent if ur in the burbs or just always have the chance to kill it and u dont mind puttin in the work(im sure noone does) Any way if ur in a city wit a strong buff permanent ink is useful personally i like to use a brake fluid mixture basically just mess with the amounts until u find sumthing u like. brake fluid corrodes metal basically it'll eat ur ink into a metal surface which should make it more permanent atleast more permanent then before
  9. thats wut i think will happen to me if i use one..so i stay away from um. but sum people can do strait lines with or without dont matter so the ruler just gives them more quickness... well to each his own
  10. Yeah i guess i should of said im in the states To seeking I agree with the stencil and ruler stuff for paint, that just defeats the purpose of style. As for a ruler with paper i gree that paper doesnt matter as much as paint but in my mind if you can paint a strait line you should be able to draw one just as if you can draw a strait line you should be able to paint one. I like to be able to paint as well as i can draw that way i can work stuff out before i take it to a wall.
  11. Yeah I'm from Croydon... I'm gettin a lil tired of it down here thow i should go to my moms for a while shes lives in philly. As for the ruler i agree u get more satisfaction when u dont use one...
  12. I've been hearin alot of talk about people usin rulers lately... Personally I dont use a ruler because i think it just lowers my skills but thats just my opinion for myself. I dont have a problem wit people who use rulers on quick pieces as long as they can actually make strait lines. What do you think about usin a ruler on a piece or anything else is it cheatin or is it iight.
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