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  1. word yo, fuck VS niggaZZz
  2. nice job pffft, and save, holding it down for the kb fam
  3. Raven is the one who keeps this board going because he pays for it, herb. Also, i don't think the plan is to have thousands of 14 year olds who dont paint reserving all of the books and paying for it with their moms' credit cards. Quoted post [/b] im not saying our posts are keeping the board up, im saying, raven can pay for the whole board but if there is no members then its a dead website. but i will get this book.
  4. yeah good idea....ill get the book either way, i dont care
  5. wether they knew or not, nothing will change what happened....what has happened has happened and the innocent lives that were killed will never be back so i think we should just let it be....the whole government is already all fucked up.
  6. yeah, so i got a new job like 3 weeks ago and they are supposed to pay weekly on thursdays, and i still havent gotten a check from them, they said there was a problem with the computers and my information wasnt sent in properly so im being sent in over the weekend, and someone who started a few days before me is already on there 3rd check, somethings gotta be done and im not sure what.......i spoke to the manager and shit and he just said wait to see if i get one next time they come in and if i dont i should be getting one the following week, but that shit is just pushing it, im gonna be broke by the time i get a paycheck....any ideas on what the fuck to do would be great.
  7. 12oz members cant get copies reserved? we're the ones who keep this site going or else it would be a blank board, hook it up man.....thats wackness.
  8. congratulations, feels like my day will never come..
  9. hahah i thought that was earmuffs...
  10. WRT54G.Sveasoft.Firmware.Alchemy.Final_by_TheIndividual.zip (ed2k link) "Final" and public version of Alchemy 802.11g
  11. yup pwhd or whatever that means, do i just kill myself now?
  12. yeah i like to experement and i fucked my shit up.....like you said, and now i cant get a connection so im unsure on what to do....can someone please assist me? thank you
  13. Upgrade action is not finish!! Upgrade file pattern error. help? please
  14. i love them i also love simple yet fun naked girls, got any of them?
  15. yes2 is one of my favorite writers, nice throw up style, very dope peices and hes just all around ill...
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