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why write?

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  1. yeah i said it, fuck this snow storm....my mind is buggin
  2. i like how oclock rocks many different styles..
  3. my 'control' button is also not working..
  4. that last one - great work on that.
  5. was this bumped because the 'havent got laid in 3 months - might as well turn gay' thread?
  6. braggin about pre-milfs on the ounce
  7. that last one is fucking ill....you be illin.
  8. been awhile since the kb has been together....hows everyone doing
  9. i like your work and colors... but they are missing something that i cant put my finger on
  10. decent, hating work more than usual...but making that dough, bout to get a new car, steadily painting, but schools comin around soon...damn
  11. i know someone who got food poisoning from Kennedy friend chicken...that shit looks soo fucking gross
  12. the whole jay z reasonable doubt, finally got it back after losing it.
  13. that chick on the top looks like someone i knew..... i hate tv, especially mtv, where the fuck is the music in these channels?
  14. im going to get this book called spy chips...soon
  15. well i got the silver edition and it is fuckin great....great work.
  16. well to the people who don't like the show, why the fuck do you watch it, hahh....i watch it cause his wife is fuckin hot...and i dont care if you disagree
  17. why write?

    The Bible

    i know ive posted these before, but this is bible material. thank you. all from my man mixer's book.
  18. friday- finish two canvases with teh girl, wish it was nice out like yesterday. sat- work, hang out. sun- work..hopefully paint after, i will see.
  19. why write?


    i really like those bottom ones...
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