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why write?

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  1. when u go on 12oz to find out what to eat....you need help
  2. why write?


    okay i will....thanks :smiles:
  3. why write?


    i need to look into these
  4. why write?


    write whatever you want....cope is a good name, you can also try writing trane...both original and easy to work with
  5. hahah i had a friend whos mother would hate graffiti...she'd rip up every sketch, book, break his markers in half, rip up his magazines and post them up around the house all ripped up.....she says that graffiti writers are rapists, thats why they hide their face...and if she ever saw anyone doing it...shed call the cops right away hah..
  6. ^ i agree...there was maybe 2 flicks that i enjoyed.... martha cooper is supposed to be coming out with a book on tags on stickers or something of that matter...anyone hear of this?
  7. erizeno i have that spraycan homie also...
  8. tried.... Error, please contact site administrator
  9. jesus cares? biting my man jesus saves
  10. tribe - bonita applebum keep it backpacker.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/w/PSA---Don't-S...%20those%20guys lee hotti! dont know if these guys were posted if so close it up.
  12. i hope he didnt get in trouble like any of us would if we had done that...
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