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  1. ^ HAHAHAH i love that
  2. fuck work is right, im sick and tired of my job i got right now, people i work with are fuckin wack, the bosses are a bunch of asseholes makin me do fucked up shit all the time, the hours are wack, imma try and find a new job but i dont feel like learning a bunch of new shit cause its annoying as fuck but ill probably only work 4 days during summer
  3. kniggaz you should keep that look but throw on that fitted hangin off the bed
  4. nice...i like the emily letters
  5. subway is more fun, check out the rooftops....
  6. why write?


    dalek isnt a graffiti writer
  7. it took 5,000 posts for you to realize your life? good job.
  8. rip big, its real fucked up people are makin songs off of his name, but thats the game....very nice on the mic, inspiring lines..just imagine if he was still around..king big. rip
  9. if people had common sense, then 12oz wouldnt be as fun as it is... 'i have a really big hole in my arm, its bleeding..12oz help what do i do'
  10. MiNeZ IZzZ ThEe CoOoL BoMbInGg CliQq NiQqQaA FaVs SonGsS bY thEm IZzZz "WHATTUP TAGGERZZ"
  11. i still got my snes right next to me....cant remember my fav game, but i know it was one of the ninja turtle games, i forgot which one though...most of them were good the first super mario was one of the best games ever made though, that game kept me going for hours...and hours and hours... get at me.
  12. practice your letters....look at other peoples shit to get ideas of your own, come up with something you enjoy and think others will enjoy...rack your paint, go paint some walls with your fly ass throw up
  13. jetpacks, helicopters - hang down from them with rope...if u got money to rent these bad boys, sometimes you take planes and drop with a parachute...or maybe just walk?
  14. its okay i shit diareah all night....every hour and almost passed out 3 times.....and im still recooperating...dont worry.
  15. tuesday morning....fucking sucks.. SICK!
  16. a day in the life of a police officer
  17. hahah court sucks....all they do is put shit off for months
  18. no shit. i need help figuring out what i wanna eat. Quoted post [/b] hah...you are right my friend. do something creative...eat a hot dog with butter melted on it and peas on the top....who knows it might be good
  19. why write?

    Cool shit

    i seen that shit....but why, next to that was a portable keyboard that rolled up and was plastic...why?
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