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  1. I think fin-O is your mom before she had you. to be used properly it would be... "Damn, did you see the back on that fin-O?"
  2. EPMDfan-WaxSMITTY ...too many dimes dropped on the people who actually put in work and their spots...Little help please catch my drift???:confused:
  3. although you spent some time on that typesetting, I stole that aest/react flick cause it was sick.
  4. Lost and erupto aren't from the Bay either. I herd those guys were from Utah.
  5. and if this is penis, stop paintin the walls near the fr8 yard, thats real "beginner" of you
  6. HEY DIPSHITS...STOP DROPPIN DIMES ON SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, you toys know nothin about fr8s, so stay off em
  7. 12ozOxymoron


    Damn...that fat ass dude and his girl friend are played! He covers like 3 letters on that panel. Mad funny how they must have used like 3 different cans on that thing. I would have done a black and red fill with that grey on that outline. Cant even tell who that is under there? Basically, internet beef is gay. Where I'm from people paint over shit with something better and leave alittle hangin' and only toys bring their girl to the yard to help with the fill.
  8. why is there night flicks, and day flicks of the same train? Why paint a nice armn with a toss up in silver? a 2004? Why not just email the fr8 cops with the info on the yard you painted em at??? I'm never moving to the bay.:o
  9. yeah, lets all do unfinished hollows over cool streaks! Follow shrek...
  10. just dont be scared, you started beef with people, you were careless with your dissing people (and leaving no name). You POSTED IT ONLINE...cant get outta that one... Dont be SCARED...be a man and take what you deserve
  11. Thats funny cause he posted it like he was proud of what he did, then took it back cause he realized that he dissed a crew that it wasnt even involved with. Dont you wish you never self promoted? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. On the contrary, the circumfrence of the big "bubbles" or stylish toy cover-uppers, was half of the complete parameter of the peice, divided by the total square weight of the car itself. This left the peice with a 45 degree angle of diss-tance, from the original unbalanced form of the paintin. Oregon and Ca are the regions where these awsome "bubbles" compositions were performed. to expand the vernacular of the the boxcar's message, names are written on, or around the "bubbles" for identification, where they could either travel back to its original painter, or online for its original painter to view its demise. Once this occurs, the original painter will go back to the yard to create their own bubbles with more vernacular...causing a physical rip in the fr8 "scene." Dorkius-nopainti-maximus-onlinereadAthon-UPsiteish-maximus
  13. 12ozOxymoron


    I think that actualy upped the value of that one. Now you could flick it for beef's sake, not just pass it up and forget you ever saw it. Beef sucks, but it sure is interesting
  14. 12ozOxymoron


    I need a reclyner in my bench.
  15. interna-dorkius-nopainti-maximus
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