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  1. it always smells like im trying to digest a walrus. i think my colon needs cleaning. seriously, its awful. for that matter? does anyone have any ideas on how to.... fix... this?
  2. i think the question, was in fact, smash or trash. not, do you guys think its straight of we settle down and have kids? so id say smash. but drink first. alrhough my view is, a bit skewed at least, because i found out my girlfriend of a year got shitty on xanax and extacy and fucked my homeboy. so do what you will.
  3. i need one of these. id smoke blunts with him. Quoted post [/b] i laughed out loud. edit. chuckled.
  4. dont hate oprah. like a week agoo there was a child star turned porn star on, as well as couple who got a totally nude stripper for their sons sixteenth birthday.. and this week, this. oprahs gettin wilder the more paper she stacks.
  5. not that i want to e-argue with you. but tell me why posting pictures you schemed off myspace or google image 'random search', is a great thing, that i dont understand.
  6. its has the three b's. blood. boobs. and uhhhhhh... boobs.
  7. got'em. but ive seen it post actual words before. personally, stick with the picture gimmick and dont speak. or speak, and quit with the gimmick. fucking... gay as ryan seacrest.
  8. it might just be me, but if i have the spicy chicken sandwich, im hoping its been there for a while. because, oddly, its good when its way dry. but if you catch a fresh one, when its all juicy, uhhhhg. big up to the 10 piece chicken nugget meal they're doing now.
  9. ok this is off topic, kinda, but. on the new bun.b cd with the travis barker produced track, is that travis rapping or 'skinhead rob' and if its rob, who the fucks that?
  10. the box was dope, it was on noncable tv too. i can remember seeing gangstas paradise straight loop for hours. all request videos that you had to pay to see, seems like an idea they should think about again.
  11. but i gotta wonder, whys everyone want this closed so bad?
  12. i suppose i should have done a kfed search previous to my post.
  13. and im in love with this girl. double post. oops. so hot.
  14. and im in love with this girl.
  15. that sihts like 6 months old Quoted post [/b] yeah? i didnt know that. aol just offered it to me as the news of the day. because, you know, its newsworthy. sorry i was late.
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