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  1. AW

    Canvas Thread

    Abstract Expressionism evolved and ended in about 15 years. While the idea and approach could still be valid today, just duplicating a style without adding something to it or making it your own in some way is just a painting exercise. I respect what the movement did, just as I respect Pop, Minimalism, Photorealism, Post-Modernism etc, but when the candle goes out on a movement, it can only be relit by taking it to the next level. In my opinion, not many people are trying to do this. They just do what everyone else was doing, just a few decades later. Art is a process, and you have to experiment to discover your own path. Sometimes it is learning from the past. I hope to see a progression in some of the artists here, and wish them all the luck in there journey.
  2. AW

    Canvas Thread

    I don't pass it off as a Rothko bite, but I feel that 'Abstract Expressionism' is a beaten horse that should have died in the late 70's. It's an easy way out for a lot of artists today. Like splattering spray paint or making drips. I have to say that color field painters like Rothko, Barnett Newman and William Turnbull had some amazing works, so did Pollock and his contemporaries, but I think what they did was reactionary for it's time, but it isn't relevant for today. As for your 2 paintings, why were they made? What inspired them? Why are they relevant?
  3. AW

    Canvas Thread

    That's funny because when I saw your top 2 pieces, I said to myself "that looks just like someone trying to do what Rothko was doing 40 years ago."
  4. AW

    oil drilling in alaska

    That's just fucked up!
  5. AW

    Artists Websites

    DAIM has a new design for his site.
  6. AW


    Illustrator is almost a must if your a designer, but as far as art goes, not many people stand out. It's the same with the airbrush. Some people are bad ass, but most pump out crap. I think to many people are into the VH1 70's retro crap illustrations.
  7. Hey thanks. I just asked my friend and he said the same thing. I'm on a Mac OS 9.2, and couldn't find anything. This was about a year ago. Thanks again, this will help me out!!!
  8. Illustrator lets you do it also.
  9. Pinstriping is fun to learn. I never did a car, but when I was in High School, I practiced on scrap hood and fenders. Use One-Shot enamel and try using a 00 Mack brush. 00's are thin. You can trim themn down to be really skinny. I did Chinese calligraphy also, so it helped to steady my hand. Ed Roth has a good how to book on striping. A newer book called PINSTRIPING MASTERS is pretty good, but it's more of a showcase book that has tips from some really great pinstripers. Pinstriping Graphics by John Hannukaine is really good. HERE is a link to some good books. HERE is another good link And HERE is a great link for supplies.
  10. No! Once all of the raw video files and the menus etc. used in making a dvd are actually processed into a dvd, they no longer exist as an actual video file. It's like making scrambled eggs, then wanting to make the egg whole again. Once it's mixed, there's no turning back. The company that converted it probably does have the original files, but getting them might be hard. What I do is hook up my mini dv camera to a vcr or dvd player, then record the footage, then I bring that footage into my computer. There I can use it in DVD studio pro to make dvds. I capture it through firewire and edit it with final cut pro. Hope this helps.
  11. AW

    Chaos Artworks

    The new design does look a lot better.
  12. AW


    The Pen tool and Gradient Mesh are the 2 features I think are the best. All you really need though is the pen tool, like cantinflas said, to get started. Learning how to cut paths and cut into objects is a good feature also. The gradient mesh is for more continuous tone illustrations, and takes longer to learn, but the payoff is well worth it. You don't need a book, just go online for a tutorial if you have problems.
  13. It's obvious what your saying. It's also obvious that if the man isn't responsible enought to stay off of death row, and doesn't know between right and wrong, then he sure isn't responsible enough to vote. Your screen name seems to fit you.
  14. Nice work man! Your stuff is definitely progressing.
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