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  1. :chicken: :chicken: RESIZE fdasfasdfasdf
  2. asdfjkl;2asdf.. shit wont even load 5 of them hoes
  3. jkl;asdfjklasdf wont load fucking shit
  4. pictures are 2 damm big
  5. new to this posting shieeet..
  6. thats it for now, more later
  7. my spring break started today, I am aslo being shipped to another dorm, with it comes a change of all my mail crap.... sorry guys.
  8. The reason why it was made was simple. The owner of other thread was not to fond of people doing their own trading on the thread, which I utterly understand. I personally believe in a community spirit. This is my Mexican version, where my tortillas are yours even if you forgot los jalapenos y la crema.
  9. 12oz book trade Any one intrested in a book trade, check the posted link.. peace.
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