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  1. Bump for that Shogi!:D
  2. Metro Police are fucking animals....:tongue:
  3. Your prints never get wiped, dont be nieve, The Police/goverments aim is to track everyones moves all the time, so why would they wipe 1000's of prints of their system a year?
  4. Bob. I should really know. but what is that cained panal on?:confused: ahh thank God for aliases
  5. propa boooooom, is that a O4? Big up Bandage.
  6. yeah yeah and dont let me guess little cosa supplied the peice? lol, luvely jubly And just got back from me nan's. lovely MZ on her garden fence:mad: :lol:
  7. We should flik past Yanks comments in the same way we flic past the pages of yank walls in Graphotism (nah I dont pay for it lol, and it makes good toilet paper when Im done)....
  8. yankydanydoodlooooooooo I cant understand you mate, speak a bit faster.:confused:
  9. Cough *sell out scum* Cough
  10. MMMMMMMM I love the smell of sell outs in the morning!:lick:
  11. Parisian writers smell of poo:yuck:
  12. Ive Ranted it once Ill Rant it again, NT are dispicable sell out scum full stop. What Next Aroe doing "Im loveing it panals" for Mc Donalds?
  13. Gentain Violet.... this is an additive which will make your ink slightly thicker, and depebding on what ink it is mixed with> also add a tint. It will also leave a stain/ghosting when buffed, or if mixed with the correct amounts of other ingredients help ensure an unbuffable stain.
  14. Fuck knows sunny, I wasent a bumpkin back then....ermm I presume stain for teak wood....but any kind of wood stain will have a similar effect.... I once used blue multi pyrpose wood stain and a bit of inferno when I had nuthin else and wood stain was all I managed to rack, it worked ok so I presume all wood dyes are the same/have the same or similar affect.
  15. Yeah Candy Ink! I used to use it for Insides.... I havent got a clue wether the way I did it was the same as the Yanks and I never met anyone else who botherd but........ All I uded to do was get some food flavourings or "essences" e.g. banana flavoring or Vanilla essence, and just mix a bit in with my ink....its all like 80p a bottle so I used to sport a different flavour each few days.... my fave was Rum flavouring>but I think that just made people more aware. well thats how I did it. just make sure you dont add to much otherwise it will start to diloute your stain and you dont want that. ohh and whilst Im posting.... I may aswell just give my recipea. Inferno 40% pink Corio 50% dash of Red Fiebins 10% gentian Purple cristals> just a few... then 2 grams of Methylene Blue Powder.... then put the lot in your marker with a mixing ball..... Works for me..... if you cant get shit where you are just try Mixing Punch Leather dye with teak wood stain, and sticking in a Kiwi< a bumpkin classic from the early 90's:crazy:
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