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  1. droptheknife - the main road in barcelona is LAS RAMBLAS, kinda like our oxford street. go down that rd till u find a KFC, then turn down that rd, and its a few blocks, keep walking, youl know u on the right track cos chock has battered it, do a left at a legal wall, near a museum. ask around if u get lost, its a MONTANA shop, litterallly. gd luck, you sure wont be short of places to paint in that city, its a graff mecca, makes london look like a heap ov shite. :)
  2. feeling them olden's. defs. that greyscale skore is killing it. and char remains a local legend........
  3. and mite i just add, i think the term 'stop complaining' is most special. rather........
  4. i kno its ben a while since i said anything here, but FUCK YEAH (see Team America 2 understand)! Big up Roe, cos 'e aint writing no more, but i reckon he got the skills. nice :)
  5. easy EB, soz about that mate, my scanner broke, was unable to scan em properly, and couldnt ring u cos my fone has been cut off :( i got yer flix tho, give em to u next time i see u.
  6. bleach tease lilith dopey fyen opsar akel eb vaze order born suet http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/itchie/FELTHAM---HELL-POOR-QUALITY.jpg'>
  7. quick lil thingy http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/itchie/AKEL-FYAN-VAER.jpg'>
  8. yeep, its always nicer to have whole joiners of productions then individual fliks, for sure:)
  9. sorry, but ..... A) Starting a whole thread wiv ONE flik aint cool, wosa point? B) I cant see the pic!:( :o
  10. Skabymuff


    Quick! som1 hand the bloke a medal! :p :p :lick:
  11. yep, its the same london zeds, kinda on tour, work the rest out yaselves. hehe, he'll be happy about this site, tho he always said there was a distinct lack of writers in the Luton area. over half ov em that actualy get up seem to be londoners. :o :o :D :D
  12. er, KOPAS mate, did u look properly, i think you r missing the point!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. HEAVY! cheers for showing me a scene i knew nothing about! some tasty trains there! Shooting writers! fucking hell mate, makes a mockery ov the writers over here in London complaining about yard security! lets hope more fellas from over there try posting stuff here, get this thread going proper! oh, the global implications ov 12oz, eh?:) :) :) :)
  14. war pigs > --- "if you have a server...i'd be more than happy to send you the upload and display script...that goes for anyone with server space..." Er, yeah, that might be a cool idea actualy, im gonna hold u to that, cheers. ill chat to my geek friend about what to do, and ill be in touch.:) :) :)
  15. nah, uptown was utter shite, posted wrong fliks, sumtimes never worked at all/ Fotango can kiss my arse too, utter shite ELIMIN8 was the best, and it made a point ov advertising itself bigtime, so everyone used it. its a fucking conspiracy, im telling ya, i had my suspicions time ago about this, seemed too good to be tru. barren threads, like corpses strewn over the battlefield at sunrise, the horror, its too much. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:eek::eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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