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  1. I'm looking for someone with around 5-10 years in the game to do an outline/banner for a site. Send me a PM if you're interested. If this is against the rules I apologize. Don't worry you'll be 100% anonymous unless you don't want to be. Please, I'm trying to get this done within the week. :p
  2. two more stickers and i lost my goddamn sticker pens. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/y8nei_P1010060.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/zSF0D_P1010058.JPG'>
  3. you are a straight up idiot. i was with the kid i went over when i put that up. he told me to put it over it. you need to stick to your own goddamn buisness :crazy:
  4. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/9L41G_P1010057.JPG'> one more i did today.
  5. some school stickers. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/yg0io_P1010057.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/3GSS1_P1010058.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/Ei9kJ_P1010059.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/TzH7I_P1010060.JPG'>
  6. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/WxlCe_P1010057.JPG'> another quick one.
  7. sure is, i love those fucking stickers. they come in like a day and they send you so many for free. PS: here's the link if anyone wants it. http://sbw.airborne.com/SupplyOrder/Supply...lyOrderInfo.asp it's number 1239
  8. awsome, ill consider it. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/gh9eI_rabble.jpg'>
  9. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/yf5N6_P1010059.JPG'> one i just did.
  10. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/gh9eI_rabble.jpg'> quickie that i just put up.
  11. i got stoned and did this drawing. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/0KNWd_P1010060.JPG'>
  12. i am an idiot for not knowing about the other toast, but hey, now i write toas so it's all good... unless there is a another famous person who writes toas that i dont know about... anyway, here's a few of my older characters some with shitty letters i hope you can dissregard. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/nNA3X_P1010048.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/q8jEe_P1010057.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/0HkFE_P1010057.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/W0n6f_P1010058.JPG'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/nqBaC_P1010057.JPG'>
  13. fucking god damnit. listen here, i told fucking safe fun NEVER to post any of my work on here. it's true that when i first came here i did post a few of my own freights, everybody hated them and i said i wouldnt post any of my work here again. i think that train i did is wack as fuck, in fact, i think most of my work is wack as fuck. dont judge me as a fame hungry toy, i am just a good natured, completely harmless toy. safe fun is just an idiot who thinks get's good shit and toy shit mixed up sometimes. :twitch: that's all that happened.
  14. serf is a nice and chill guy, dope as fuck too. PS: i would rock those hats like you cant even believe.
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