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  1. one of the best threads in a long time anywheres on this board.. good reads good flicks... This guy is one to look up too.. true king
  2. what about graff king.. cats on here were jocken that shit for the longest time.... IF they do this game right.. i think it could be alright..... but it will probnbly be as shitty as that set grind radio or whatever the fuck it was called.... i bought it, threw it on the floor and took it back..... GARBAGE
  3. thank fuck... Hate to see one of the only TRUE old school legends left that is still rocken hard locked up at this stage of the game.... peace to cope and KD
  4. that dream tag is fat.. id be proud to sport that on my door anyday
  5. flicks wont work NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Id bitch slap you if this wasent over the computer
  7. ya! thanks for ruining my week
  8. drunken fool


    straight up gangsta.. grab the OE and lets run up in this bitch..:lol:
  9. outlining tags is wack it might look good if it was just a marker tag.... dont over do it.....
  10. that texino shot really made my day... thanks..
  11. http://picserver.org/view_image.php/39V031P7ZJ4C/picserver.jpeg'> trying new styles latley, good or bad comments are welcome..
  12. these hands are retardedly fresh.. big bump for this thread
  13. the AFK in that last pic is dope
  14. straighten out the e on the top bar.. but besides that not bad.. thumbs up
  15. hahaha i threw it in here just to get that comment.. hahaha 12 oz.. so perdictable
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