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  1. love meter


    that's only a vga camera, you must be thinking of the s700i. but yeah, it is a very nice phone!
  2. love meter


    i had one of those in my hand earlier. for a flip phone it's quite the brick!
  3. been shopping with digital gravel for 4 years and they've always been great with the international deliveries. pity they sell out so soon! their update emails tend to be a few days after the website is updated, so stuff can be nearly sold out by the time the email arrives. i've also just recently discovered http://www.nostress.com - same sort of setup as digital gravel, with some more well-known brands too. and the prices tend to beat dg, which can only be a good thing :) just got a nice box of goodies delivered from them this morning. there were problems with payment and the guy who works there, zach, was nice enough to ring me about it (international mobile rates - can't have been cheap). i was tempted to keep this one to myself to avoid the crazy selling-out times of digital gravel, but they do deserve the recommendation :bday:
  4. http://www.edinburgh-bicycle.co.uk/resource/IMAGES/company%20logos/inspiration/RatRev.gif'> rats like the bike
  5. spread a light coat of pva glue on the threads
  6. thanks, but i'm not looking to get a new can, i'm looking to find out what the one i already have is. and it's not on the bs website anymore, so i can't even find out how much it was! plus when i did buy it, urbandesignz didn't have both types of marsh either... ah well, it'll remain a mystery for the time being
  7. this was the only kind that bombing science had, so i can't compare prices. plus i can't remember the price since it was that long ago. then there's no white label, and it doesn't say dye type ink... the plot thickens! i've scanned in the label so you can see for yourself. you can get it here
  8. i seen those two alright, but the labels are practically identical. the paint has a white strip on the bottom, and the dye says 'a videojet company' under the logo. bar that they're the same... but mine has no white strip and says 'marsh shipping supply co., llc'. the two main ingredients are xylene and ethyl benzene
  9. i gotta question about marsh - how do you know which is the dye and which is the opaque? i got a pint off of bombing science, but don't know which it is. the label certainly doesn't give any clues. i presume it's the opaque marsh - it's thicker than any ink i have and it warps plastic
  10. too much powder makes ink watery, so given that garvey already has gentian violet in it (and it must be a decent amount of it if what i'm hearin is true), i wouldn't go lumpin loads of it in... if that's what you're gettin at, of course ;)
  11. gentian and crystal are the same too
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