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  1. riddimz

    NZ FR8'S

    baik/zes/hertz WC freights are gangster!!!
  2. riddimz

    NZ FR8'S

    nice Gevo, havent seen most of those before! That huntly special feat lady is especially cool.
  3. riddimz

    NZ FR8'S

    Found a little bit hegz.. and some more off my album.
  4. riddimz

    NZ FR8'S

    Apologies if i posted double ups..will try and get through the rest of my photobucket some other time..
  5. riddimz

    NZ FR8'S

    Some dope flicks in here, big up hegz for starting it off... Who remembers "monkey on a train ride"? Classic. Posted all these before in places but Ill throw what I have on photobucket to keep the thread rolling..
  6. Yes I am lost, deep within your anus, which consumes this thread. Im not talking about necessarily what other people think, just how you hold yourself in the world.You know, like.. achieve shit in life etc, not be a retard.
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