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  1. bump, i been followin this head for a while he has a perfect style. keep killin it z-man!
  2. torrence hahaahahahahaahha what a muppet some1 shud rinse piks of that brea on the internet
  3. shut up u prik post fliks or keep your toy trap shut
  4. ahahaha u dikhead. i didnt bring aroe up..some1 said he aint got no talent ..when its obvoise aroe wud burn the brea.as he probably wud burn you to.. u r 2 shook to bak your big mouth up with fliks so keep it shut.:rolleyes:
  5. can you not read? did i say anything about his pannels you fukin mug. that brea said something about him not having talent. at the end of the day hes got skils. and im sure more on the world scale know about him over you. so go bak to crying over your keyboard cause thats all you can do:D
  6. ^show some evidence to bak that up!
  7. ^ to b honest that remark is outdated, maybe a few years ago.. trust i was the first at the que at rinsin NT but you cant deny aroes been pullin out burnas recantly... i somehow dought u cud burn him
  8. hahaha did i say he was a legal writer i said he has painted legals, but because he has painted legals he is a toy? go bak to learnin how to keep your shity chrome inside your spagehti outline
  9. well its obvoise yardtings can burn those walls ... after all we cant forget those amazing undersides he posted earlier on..
  10. well what can i say .. i love ez targets =D
  11. you are the toy you prick just cause its legal dont mean its toy,every decant writer has painted a legal,you never seen a cope2 legal? and you are obvoisly not in the postition to be calling any1 a toy.. when it is obvoise you are just some little 14 yr old yoot who thinks he is sombody cause he comments on internet forums.:p:rolleyes::biglaugh:
  12. looks like this thread has finally got some sense...
  13. lol.. LDS have nothing on TDO :P
  14. lol u r a idiot mate beacuse who cares what they think. LDS are nobodys, no style no flava.. they can love being at the shit end of the scene all there life... no skin of my bak. they are and allways will b nobodys. i hope LDS are reading this beacuse they might try and say its funny, but in truth its them who are the laughin stock :D:D:D i must say tho id love to stumble across one of there top to bottoms or there whole cars in a yard cause i wudnt hesitate to put a slopy tag straight in the middle
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