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  1. conkr

    coast bound

    i do it all for kwatchi
  2. neat new kwest steez! erupto and curve a couple ya dont wanna fuck wit. keep it gully son
  3. fes and tosar poppin kwest and other killa collabo!
  4. geez those wc flats are ill,,,havent seen em rollin before!
  5. geez this has been a good year for gettin straight on fliks,,of pieces painted inbetween lines,,a few weeks later!thankz for the flik,,nice post where were these caught?
  6. r.i.p,,his legacy will live on, for many years to come!
  7. im crunk,,and im satisfied!
  8. ughgh i need a day flik of that wheatie, but whats with the bluriness?
  9. some ill pieces on some flava carz...
  10. fuckin po rollin through the neighbourbood all night, trippin me out,,,ill post!
  11. conkr


    nice post,,all the homeboy'z up in this one...
  12. conkr

    i have no life

    glue n' kuma,raw
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