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  1. i saw the word wove today and i thought it was phat cause every word is just one thread woven into the fabric of all the graffiti
  2. this head from my area used to rock instinct. i thought it was the tightest word ever cause its what graff is. its pissin on trees, puttin your name up, followin the instinct to own this world.
  3. i met seen and he told me he has never been arrested for writing
  4. there is something really depresing about people who can't handle real english
  5. what are the best words being writen? what does that word do to the viewer when they read it? what does it do to you when you read it?
  6. of course its not the only thing in my life but i wouldnt live somewhere with no graff scene. even if i stopped writing. i get nervous when i dont see graff wherever i am. it makes me feel like big brother is closing in and the cops watch to close. i am applying to a few colleges right now and graff is a large part of that.
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