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  1. </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
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  3. Jonathan You're still with us.
  4. Funny Its a well deserved and dope tribute, but the above story is total bullshit. That boat (which was also painted by Benet) chilled in SF for days, months before getting cleaned. One of the reasons you see flicks of it so much.
  5. Dream on. </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  6. Mr. Kept1


    History Buff There's no reason to spread gossip Amazer. How about... I was so scared that I went on to paint AWR pieces for the next 3 years! Doing more AWR pieces than anyone in that crew before or since. The battle started over an argument "Real graf: at the yards? or on the streets?" I was bombing and had nothing too lose. And after we fought I was the dick that ended up doing all the dissing. The battle is history and Giant is dope.
  7. Wake the dead </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  8. Mr. Kept1


    Always First and then some
  9. Mr. Kept1


    Always Rocking, Always.
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