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  1. Add some clarity to this fireball
  2. Fuck this shit. Close this thread.
  3. Bump for that Muse. I caught that shit in WNY bout 6 months ago.
  4. Word. You guys got illegals? Bombing? Pieces?
  5. I don't care what you people say, it's not hating: THIS MOVIE BLOWS. Don't waste you time. Don't waste your life. It's not worth it. Over hyped, and underwhelming. Booty-leg or theatre, it's terrible. DON'T GO
  6. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00378105f00000035.jpg'> I'm certainly a fan of almost anything I've ever seen by this guy. Big Fuckin' bump.
  7. Stay if you're gonna post color pics. This B&W shit has to go.
  8. I was just down there and I gotta say the scene really made me sad. I can see where there was a lot at one point, all over the place, but most of what i did see was crap, or not enough of the good stuff. It's a lot of crappy handstyles by writers who don't write from what I can see, and the only cat i saw down there worth anything was Whoa! but his stuff was stickers and handstyles. I saw some escape, one was decent on a roof top, but i saw other stuff i didnt like at all. The only other cat i caught was Nato. Only 2 throws, one was a roof spot and one was somewhere else i cant remember, and he was aight, better than me, but is the buff down there really that bad?
  9. What you gotta understand "amor del senior" is that the retards who started this thread are not the writers of Buffalo. Those sketches you see couldn't be painted by those people if they tried, and shouldn't be painted by anyone who can. This thread is a misrepresentation of the city, the founders of graff in it, and BF itself, and that's not even including the hard working toys who aren't in any crews and have respect for those who know their shit. These people are nothing but uneducated leeches who think they are someone because the internet gave them a voice, and a place to "strut their stuff." Well I got news for you guys: nobody wants to see it. Nobody wants to perpetuate your delusions anymore. When your shit disappears this summer, don't be surprised. You wouldn't be the first loud mouth retards that it happened to either. If you knew your history you'd know that. My advice, and I'm sure the rest of Buffalo agrees: take those pics off, and don't post in this thread again. Figure out how to get it closed even, but stop being retarded at least.
  10. correction to the above memo: this thread doesn't represent the toys. Please don't insult us like that. I'm willing to take suggestions for other names to call them, such as douchebags or something similar. So let's try this. ATTENTION: THIS THREAD IS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF BUFFALO, ONLY ITS DOUCHEBAGS. THANK YOU, PLEASE CONTINUE TO TALK SHIT ON THESE FAKE FUCKS. Yea, that's better.
  11. Dude for real, drop the act. This is the last time I'll look in one of these threads, or even acknowldege any kind of posting by "160" It was said earlier in this thread before, and I'll say it again: Boycott this mother fucker. If you don't go to his threads, they wont get hits. If he is the only one bumping them, they'll probably get closed. If you really want him to stop, pretend "160" doesnt exist.
  12. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00381253f00000025.jpg'> Muse, obvioiusly
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