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  1. Here is a book you can be a part of https://www.facebook.com/TheGardenofCandide?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/TheGardenofCandide?fref=ts
  2. me!bourne

    Paris Grime

  3. MR - SLEEK (Melbourne, Australia)
  4. That is all true, but sofles is not a good example
  5. jets and greco/lench kill it, i hope they never sell out to art galleries
  6. How can people prefer euro style to the above?
  7. stencils and graffiti are two completely different things. in the 90's who the fuck took stencils out to bomb?
  8. most of you think graffiti makes you tough. remember its only painting on a wall. who gives a shit if vosk fucks up some milk bar, in the end u still see his/her tag. and whats with relating stabing and knives to writers? why not guns?
  9. People think of CI as kings because they have been around for longer than RG, but over the past few years RG is the crew that have undeniably taken over. Its always RG and CI getting mentioned. What about WCA? If we are talking about style they are the kings.
  10. Has anyone got photos to post of the rest of this wall? theres a production that is quite recent
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