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  1. Some camera phone finds You need an eagle eye to see this one
  2. I'm actually surprised you edited that one ansiq its all good though ,it really just shows how effective honesty can be.
  3. *i appreciate it, but please. it'll just bring on more shit talking. i'm trying to turn over a new leaf and keep things friendly. ;) -seeking
  4. hhahahahhahahh man Seekings wit goes over looked far to often "naw brah",did u really say that ? way to preface a Red Fraggle blast bump to seeking and bump to my man yeah I'm feeling that shit peace, Wembley
  5. Justo has a vanity plate on his car
  6. fuck the fuck off (chopped) O wait your from detroit my bad
  7. hahahah man i use to have an ex (2 ago ) that said "the fuck " when she was real drunk ,i think you forgot a word in there and also I have to agree man Elvis sucks shit !!!!!!!!!! sorry to Mccp and deathbedster and all the other cats who likes him ..but honestly get a life
  8. Just curious ,why no one has givin MAD PROPS to that HUGHES above that shit is so ill
  9. fuckin Mepos hahahahahah thats so good
  10. btw don't correct my spelling I know I spelled it wrong!
  11. I truly hated the colour orange ,until I seen that PlUTO
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