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  1. i promise you 4 things....1 that i will kill you and him at the same time..2 that i will burn you and him at the same time ..3 i will go to his house and yours and shoot you and your family..4 that you suck dick......thankyou have a goodnight..have some respect you fag before i drop the bomb and you see who you r talking to
  2. ok here it is the real deal this fool sucks no real writer cares about him or even herd of this fool .nobody cares how many he does,holw long he paints ..lets get to the facts here, he bit everything he does first felon then geso then grey. geso changed his shit cause he realized how wack it was ,all sigh did for good writers was make them way sicker ,cause they didnt want anything to do with that style anymore.sigh is a discrase and he thinks hes so sick ,,hes a bitch tell him to go to cali and see what happens ,there is no respect there ,big deal he paints with some toys and toys jock him where did he come from he has no real roots look at the people he bites thoes guys are legends with real respect..so fuck all you bitches and pussys you need to snap outa the sigh trance and realize what the fuck is going on...
  3. og corndog.... up to NO GOOD.
  4. im pretty sure thats none of your buisness. -Corey Feldman
  5. way too many goodies in one post
  6. caught a phem fr8 today in the yard. lookin good.
  7. crap... im on my way.
  8. rich ramirez


    thats x shit is hot!!
  9. danmit you fuckers..im so jealous..fuck!
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