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  1. or maybe we can battle wit the werd "pigl3t"
  2. i wanna battle... been gone for a while but now im back... who wants to battle? post up the info...
  3. thats whats up! boricuas de corazon. let me see some more pana.
  4. ill take "onheres" spot, if that ight with ya peoplez? Entoner AceK 2dx
  5. yo, who the fuck is "TheThruth"? you is fucking gay. Yes, im back after........ but yeah kid, holla at me.
  6. how long u gunn b in the field for? i was gunna leave today wit my grandma, but i gotta get rid of my car first. anywayz, holla at me......oNez
  7. yo SLYDE, u in springfield? im moving back in january. holla at me nigga, we need to talk....
  8. i havent been doing shit lately, trying to start doing my shit again. here is something i just did today....
  9. ^^^ been kinda busy lately. im a bum. anywayz ill try to post some shit up soon, oNez
  10. ^^^ so u the real JIST? the one who hit them billboards? i heard u live in like virginia or philly, some shit. holla at me tho.
  11. here a lil porn for ya, lol.
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