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Al Rocksalot

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  1. ^^^ question or statement?
  2. Bodega is cool but until they get a Jordan account they can't be called the best sneaker store in Boston. But I will call them the best over-priced t-shirt store in Boston (not a knock on them but rather the fact that t-shirts these days sell for $80 and up.)
  3. unless the markers are non-toxic.
  4. Al Rocksalot


    The reason for the Jumpman logo instead of the Nike Air is so those who have the originals will have something that no one can get again. Get used to it because the Jumpman logo is here to stay.
  5. Al Rocksalot


    Your crazy. So we should end the debate because you said "nuff said"? Show me a better looking shoe than the AJ Retro 5 posted above your post.
  6. so he should have thrown a bullet? You know rappers bullshit have the time, they are like actors. Did you expect Styles to body the guy. Grow up people.
  7. just make sure they allow same sex marriges in your state. How long have you known him?
  8. Cause your a dickhead, not cause of the word pop.
  9. They are both hot but the Snaz takes it in my humble opinion.
  10. Al Rocksalot

    Kem 5

    The best part is that Kem (and Soem) are even better people than they are artist.
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