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  1. woke up at 12. chilled. smoked herb. ate some leftover thai food. chilled. met up friends had some columbian grub. (carne asada status) chilled. went to this sport bar to meet up these girls that are wairesses there. enjoyed free drinks and free food scotch on rocks. ( he-man status bitch) corona vodka tonics. buffulo wings, they were called fire crakers at this spot (delicious) met up with my agent, drove his new BMW 745i around downtown for a while smoked a fat ass blunt stopped at this club for a quick drink, i think it was called o-lounge (i was hella blasted) went back to the hood, to this local bar met up these girls we know from the local university got our chine on right quick go back to the my guys crib smoke a little more guinness tallboys sleep for an hour drive home sleep. now it's sunday it was a good saturday though
  2. yea i have done it, i called my boy telling hime i felt bad that we did'nt chill alot and did'nt wnat him to think i was just hitting up for buddah, witch i was at the time (i was busy with work and school) hmm i called this one broad i was trying to and could of gotten on telling her i missed her, shit popped off after that hehe i used to call but yea now i'm usually socially involved with the people i am getting crunk with, especially if it's girls i gotta play all hard to be dope host and shit so they love what's goin on
  3. "god gave rock and roll to us, gave rock and roll to us, god gave rock and roll to everyone" brings a tear to me eye.
  6. -prowling through this cut spot in witch a painted frequently, i once saw the dangling body of a man who hung himself from a tree. i dipped out, and called the suits about it.
  7. ya'll cant fuck wit me and dis gear game -old school nikes -diamond print dress socks -diesel jeans -blue lacoste polo stay fitted from head to toe
  8. i work at the circulatons office of the library at my university here in chicago and i'm always doing some shit to tweak my co-workers out. i admit i have eaten some other peeps lunch but only drank there pepsi or ate some snacks (pudding if there was more than one, one time a choclate cake). i even got approached as well as some other student workers i played dumb and said the best thing i could say which was no and that i too was a victim of a lunch time heist. looking back that shit is funny yo. fuck it . fuck the world. condoms definitley b. i would leave that shit by my bosses cubicle fuckin planted them by this girls desk and shit..i steal paper, and those air compressed keyboard dusters. i racked a fuckin northface skullie and bluetooth earpiece from the lost and found...i used to super glue quarters to the floor throughout the library, make payphones do that ringing asi if someone is calling trick...fucked my girl in the abandoned fire escape...the janitor talkied shit about me once saying that i don't do my job correctly (building manager hehe yea manager) when i got complaints from people on that fool and was cool about it.....so i took a shit in the urinals for him to scoop out. holla at ya boy
  9. dooms verse was'nt up to hi usual par but whatever that makes him doper in a way...
  10. it's a good album, has some good raps and beats, defintley worth checking out.
  11. what the fuck i don't recall writing this
  12. paint phone wallet pepper spray maybe joint or blunt maybe
  13. multipleman


    donnie darko dude a larry
  14. how can i put it? life is like video footage, hard to edit, directors they never understood it. -RZA
  15. mcdonalds. 10 piece chicken nugget value meal. sweet and sour sauce.
  16. if i was on the real world i'd just smoke bud all day..be cool with everyone, get some hot roomate pregnant...fuck up her life and head.
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