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  1. just stoked on how crazy ill you girls graff is.. take me out.. killer stuff get at me on aim: hulazillaaaaaaaa
  2. Re: Asert v. Faint whoa is this battle done? if not i hope people arnt getting mixed up cause it say asert v. faint.. it should be FAINT VS. ASERT.. if what im saying does not make sense it cause the computer im on messes the formation of the pictures up.. but yo itchynipples.. are we gunna have that one onone?
  3. haha thats cool.. well this em im talkin about originated in oahu back in early 90s by my frens bro.. casper n sucker thems.. everyday mischeif ..now its about 10 deep maybe more maybe less..
  4. Re: fuck yo anonymity. you write for em in hawaii? i rep for that too.. crazy.. same em? maybe maybe not?
  5. yo ITCHYNIPPLES.. i aint like you.. i aint gunna waste my time tryna talk sum shit OVER THE NET!!:lol: :lol: :lol: so you bark alot.. ill battle you.. well just use YOUR TAG NAME as the word.. you take me.. you can have all the fun shit talkin over the net you want.. if i rip you i guess i get my laughs in and so would everyone else.. BATTLE TIME BRUH.. OH ANOTHER THING.. if you are down.. my tag name is HULA.. and i used to write TOAST.. so if your name consists of any of those letters in my names and you feelen a bit sketchy on battlen.. CHANGE YOUR TAG NAME.. its that simple.. i dont have the letters b,c,d,e,f,g,i,j,k,m,n,p,q,r,v,w,x,y, or z in either of my names.. yo why write.. i really do think that love is radd.. but i am gunna have to agree with ITCHYNIPS on one thing.. that fill IS dope.. and i dont know what his problem is.. i guess hes just tryna be like that dude from american idol.. or maybe his mom hates him.. its okay ITCHY, we all have hard days in our lives..you dont wanna go out and kill yourself now do you.. does your dad touch you? is that why your mad.. youre feeling sad n youre feeling lonley and noone seems to care.. your mothers gone and your father hits you this pain you can not bare . but we all bleed the same way as you doooo.. we all have the same things to go throoouuggghhh.. HOOOOOLLLD ON, IF YOU FEEL LIKE LETTING GO.. HOOOLLLLDD ON IT FEELS BETTER THAN YOU KNOOW.... please just hold on.. okay now you know i think that love rocker is dope.. i guess you know where to find me next time you go to walmart.. if you think youre too BIG to be in the toy section.. BRING YOUR 12 YEAR OLD COUSIN WITH YOU!! OKAY IM SORRY ITCHYNIPPLES.. i didnt mean to offend you.. we all know your a little emotional n sensitive.. just know that WE DO CARE FOR YOU.. ALL OF US.. HOLD ON OKAY.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.. ohh is that why your mad.. youre girl left you.. its okay to pop them penis enlargment pills.. dont you ever feel ashamed.. EVER.. the girls like it.. dont take it personal or anything.. just some advice.. writter to writter you know..
  6. yeah yeah im admit.. im a bit of a dick rider when it comes to them..tell me not their shit aint dope.. but dont worry itchynipples when im done masturbating to their work ill save the money shot for your face bitch:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. i dont mean to ride jock or nuthen but DORK.. you inspired me from day one and still going.. it like i could have self sex just lookin at the stuff you do... hecz daDAMM you straight ripp same for REVISE.. im getting happy just looken at this stuff.. HULA TSK, ABR...
  8. yo anyone wanna battle me? its just a friendly battle..with paint
  9. what if that is revise.. and damn.. is you guys hating on faint.. sheit.. that is tight.. i know thats my nigguh n all but damn.. it is hella nuts.. just how are you guys judging this.. kay kay.. anyone of you wanna battle.. word is.. ummm bakoe.. peice it.. non of this drawing.. paint it.. no ditches.. out in the public.. as much and any colors you want.. thats how graff battles should be.. anyone wanna take me up on this say the word.. one vote for FAINT.. one vote for NESK. hula.. 116, tsk:king:
  10. okay alright.. since i never get around to the battles ill just be yous guys official JUDGE.. but first off all you guys are dope writters.. :king: <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>i might hop in a battle if i get a chance to draw !! </span>
  11. propaganda.. just hop on this toes battle.. cause i cant think of no word.. unless you got one..
  12. you can i get in on that toes battle? and propaganda.. im down.. just say the word n limits n ill get onit.. peash out neckuhs
  13. battle tank yo.. anyone wanna battle you pick the word.. hawler at me on aim.. hulazillaaaaaaaa.. straight from hula street boo.. to all you battling folk out there,, kudos kudos.. live the graff life.. whoop whoop.. holler..
  14. yo jayfo an onesec.. both yous guys are ill.. jayfo you got my vote..
  15. thats the bomb diggity.. howler at ya nigguh aiim: hulazillaaaaaaaa:king: []P [] []/[] []P...
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