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  1. Yo it's that faggot megatsu, come see what a herb i am! Hey 'dudes', you know that cool guy 'megatsu' or whatever the fuck his name is, that's always running around, dissing everyone for no good reason other than a likely case of 'baby-dick'syndrome'? well this here is a thread he made under one of his many names, to talk shit about me.... cause apparently talking to one another about random trivial aspects of our lives is 'gay' and 'pathetic' in his opinion, but making up new accounts to talk shit about people who could give two shits about you, is 'cool' and 'fullfilling'. yo megatsu, 'dude,' maybe if my dick wasnt so far down your throat, you wouldnt be sounding like such an asshole all the time! anyway, i just wanted to point out the obvious; that dude is a sucker and while he's dissing people for interacting with one another, he's running around like an angry little troll making new accounts to talk shit about us. whats the matter dick face, mad cause no one gives a shit what you have to say? go away, before i have to ban all of australia again, to keep you gone. -seeks. (the following is the original post he made, apparently in an effort to 'clown' me.) Hey dudes its Seeks. im a just posting from my bros house drunk. excuse me im a go rock some faggot sex with little boys. woohoo, sexz from da liddoo bum bum Seekshaving sex wit little for for chu Peace.
  2. That's why it's #1..
  3. Better. http://www.worldofbritney.net/Britney_Esquire_Pose-WoB.jpg'>
  4. http://www.plasticlife.net/britneysawhore7.JPG'> http://www.plasticlife.net/britneysawhore4.JPG'> http://www.vogue.com.au/forum/images/smiles/newsmiles/eusa_hand.gif'> < Source. http://www.plasticlife.net/britneysawhore2.JPG'> Maybe...
  5. It's late friday night, and I'm still chilling out on my hangover. Good night though.
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