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  1. arsn cense enue dever elotes when
  2. mainter digerati is such a stupid name.
  3. nice post Kuma REPAE..sweet Sigh Myth Groe ITD is sickwidit
  4. porer sluto life karma ridl
  5. Sr.Gomez

    Ohio Valley

    ABCD is the dopest crew name yet. not!!
  6. Dego Curve Erupto Sigh Sever Hybrid Tacoe!
  7. moka navy that bnfe HAD potential
  8. meero if you are reading this, "you know you dun fucked up right?"-menace 2 society
  9. this thread is bitchin. I would love to rock these trains and listen to the Smiths afterwards.
  10. happy bday joe bigrig gs sigh madoneeeee
  11. Sr.Gomez

    volume 3

    sorry, but im not watching these anymore.
  12. alot of those freights look like coil cars, and in my opinion wouldnt be worth painting. some of those freights with the doors and windows are pretty boss though, and deserve a good bum rogering if you catch my drift.
  13. lack and owl appears that sigh is the newest member of the "exchange"
  14. Morrissey is boss, i believe its you who sucks you tiny, beefed up, email thugster.
  15. SILK second blurry Kuma looks fresh
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