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  1. PSE_Tcepsa


    yea i been looking for this shit too..
  2. got a hollow riding on the Freeway, been up for a couple years.
  3. hmm http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/esp_crew8.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/esp_crew2.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/ESP1.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/aids23.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/aids21.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/aids20.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/aids13.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/aids_bjork.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/devs1.jpg'> http://www.2xtreme.net/~paikungfu/images/deone_check.jpg'>
  4. who you all think has the most ups, past or present. in sac. i'd say elixr, aids, check, in the valley area LORDS always crushin it. countless upon countless.
  5. TBK END ETC MAR ACK AI AUI DCK DMA DOI OS GT ESP DTV TSL TITS RG The list continues on and on and on.........
  6. fuck that go bomb. rock wildstyles on the freeway's, rock 5 color shots in the heavens. fuck a legal wall. dont take money for graff, dont pimp the culture, we are writers. fuck this mainstream acceptance, graffiti is their label for us, i'm a muthafuckin writer. I will crush illegal shots all day long and rock a doper burner than your "legal" shit all illegally. one.
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