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  1. Schizo... I suffer from undifferentiated schizophrenia and was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I've done all types of crazy shit during my relapses, getting into a 4-car crash because I thought I was driving a spaceship, running around my street naked and delirious, smashing about 6,000 dollars worth of audio equipment in the middle of my street, etc., And It sucks because each time you get out of the hospital you have to start your life over again. And the real fun begins when the neighborhood children start calling you "crackhead". Anyways I'm not here to bitch and moan, I just wanted to get some sort of consensus with this poll and bring all the "real" loonies out. Oh yeah, if your family has a history of mentall illness, don't do hallucinogens. Flame now....
  2. deficit Now, if only there was a pic of a hole the size of our deficit. That would be interesting.
  3. BDP and Bipolar Disorder What is BPD then, if it has nothing to do with being on the 'borderline'? Bipolar Disorder from what I understand is when you have severe swings from one pole to the other, from a state of depression to a manicy state of euphoria. Hence the term bipolar. And I thought if you were diagnosed as being "borderline", it just meant that fate hasn't decided which way you swing yet. And yes, I will concur that being mentally ill does suck, as it has completely fucked up me and my whole family.
  4. Response 1 Well it's sort of the same concept as the audio-workstation or the internet-desktop office computer. In other words, using a computer solely for one task. That way you don't fuck it up as easily by installing different apps, etc. As for the porn dvd costs, by putting them on all one machine pre-installed you make the porn easily accessible to the end-user with a click of button. Obviously, this idea is for the hardcore-porn collectors, not for the casual masterbator. :ateer
  5. Greetings, I have a business idea that some of you might be interested in. I have an idea for a P.M.C, which stands for the Personal Masterbation Computer. It's a personal computer dedicated to the nobel purpose of masterbation and self-gratification. I have yet to work out the details, but the main idea is to bundle a variety of packages and features with them computer and then sell them to porn shops nationwide. They then would sell them to their customers. Again, I don't have a spec sheet on the how the systems would be configured, but here are some ideas.... - RAID storage ---- for storing porn videos in high quality video format - Free memberships to online video content providers - Retractable rag holder which attaches to the monitor and can be easily concealed - porn DVD's preinstalled on the computer ( the customer gets to choose which ones ) I have neither the means nor the time to do this, but if you are interested let me know. Latee -
  6. Buzz Software Also, for all you hardcore computer nerds who like free stuff, like to get into the nut's and bolts of synth programming, and appreciate an open community, you can download buzz . It's a free sequencer with vsti support. There's also a community that develops plugins for it. Here are some hip-hop tracks done with it Ebola Virus - A decade of war Ebola Virus - Evolution
  7. ...... Hey Iced-T, If your from the Buffalo, NY area and ever want to hit up some skate spots, email me.
  8. Website Hey Case, and anyone else whose into beats, Beat Chips More Beats I'm interested in hearin others too
  9. Blah That's where I'm stuck right now. I make mad beats, have 200+ in stock from last year, but they're all collecting dust on a web site. It just seems pointless to keep pounding out more when it's not leading you anywhere.
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