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  1. the thrilla from manilla? is dever filipino?
  2. damn pluto...way to blow up on some one..haha stickers aren't for toys, but its a good way to get started...you just gotta evolve afterwards stickers is like "the gatway drug" of graffiti haha those stickers are fresh...am i gettin any of em?
  3. wats up kids? enmity/frost in ft. lauderdale enjoy... new toros...kid full body and Venom Toro
  4. Just a couple shots from Miami
  5. scarekroe im diggin that flik...very nice background kwerty and lord b... sticker combos are great, but once u bunch em up together like that..u can hardly tell one sticker from the other... not hatin..just appreciatin
  6. yo i saw ur stuff around miami pantyraider...and u got ups on that new transporter movie!
  7. yo orkid..nice fliks diggin ur traditional photo stuff that duck that drinks from the water glass was done by me it aint a street shot, but its better than not postin a flik
  8. enjoy the show...Philly represent and can't be stopped
  9. PHily takin over Ft. Lauderdale like no other El Toro Mr. G, El Toro, Bob, Karma, EMAD, Homer Phillys finest im pissed i didnt get everything, the sand makes it hard to stick on some of the surfaces
  10. hey grimlock..who ever does the last 2 stiks on ur fliks was on the philly metro newspaper... jockin my spot..haha u can still kinda see the buffed toros *bump for adobo oh and i agree wit huxnuts...keep the chattin like trades or packs strictly pm's
  11. dope fliks dbd... lovin those paints...thanks for the other fliks to, that hand of mine is so horrible..haha i got fliks of all philly cats today, i just need em developed...yup i said it...pixel free
  12. FDR is skateable LOVe is skateable, but be prepared to run i think same goes with City Hall i think theirs a park by the water..dont know exactly, but its new indoor if ur their, go to Rarebreed at 17th and South..more towards the 18th block right next to a Pizza Shop Thats the local graff shop..stop by and drop a hand or two http://www.Rarebreed215.com
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