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  1. mangoria

    Wash DC

    make up your mind. and when you do don't tell us... you're boring.
  2. mangoria

    Thret Asc

    dig your stuff! nothing bad to say about any of it.
  3. mangoria

    The TURBO battle

    what? all of 12oz? ha!
  4. mangoria

    Style Discussion for 03

    :lol: :lol: thats a grat post! until I realized I have litlle gay bumps on my throw up... :( poor gay throw up.
  5. mangoria

    Ahh simpsons....lol best line ever

    one of my favorites is Chief Wiggums kid, Ralph Ralph: Just like the little elf that tells me to burn things. Leprechaun appears on Ralph's shoulder... Leprechaun: BURN 'EM! BURN 'EM ALL!!!
  6. mangoria

    Official Battle Thread

    good idea in posting all of them again. votes on the ones I haven't voted yet go like this JOKER v. SPELLBOUND 1 - 3 Spellbound, his piece just all seems to fit right and is original too. FISHY v. ONESECONDPLE 0 - 2 (Werks) cant find this one posted JayFo v. Onesecondple (Awe) 4 - 1 JayFo - I reall like this, it's clean, simple, all the letters are propotioned well KING MILE v. Tard0 3 - 0 (12oz) MIle, I really like both of them it was close Ethreadzny2 v. StarzAbovE 2 - 1 (Pepsi) Starz, Ethreadz looks like he was trying to do a bit too much but I like the way he connected the S and i neVR.KAwt v. RasekSeven 0 - 3 (Sypher/Sipher) Nevrkawt
  7. mangoria

    Wash DC

    if you're referring to my posts: if its in DC I will flick it. it ain't where you from it's where you're at.
  8. mangoria

    I know there's ninjas on 12oz but......

    look into ving tsun/ wing chun. Its a style of Kung fu... its what Bruce Lee lwas learning before coming to the States, very straight forward, makes sense, non flowery street frighting.
  9. mangoria

    Fugazi/Descendents Appreciation Spool

    my first show in 9th grade was fugazi... they are ridiculous live. check out htis link if you like Fugazi, you can download live shows off this site... live fugazi If you like older DC stuff you should alos check out a band called Soul Side. Best descendents albums are Livage and Hallraker...
  10. mangoria


    :eek: That Vet is oozing with style! All of them are super beautiful ethreadz, you definately post some of the best stuff on this board... thanks for sharing. Ethreadz = Sharester McGruff
  11. mangoria

    Pardon The Interruption (PTI)

    Hahah! I saw that , that was funny as shit... good show, they play off each other real well. http://www.purple-beats.com/pictures/big-daddy-kane-2.jpg'> edit: cause I dont know how to post an image...
  12. mangoria

    video (not funny)

    reason number 89374583 not to join the military... they got turned into soup!
  13. mangoria

    earth crisis fans are idiots...here's proof.

    jesus.. what would ever make you think that was a good idea?
  14. mangoria

    the NEW sketch thread

    I like this alot.