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  1. smerk

    Uk Freights

    I'm from canada and I love fr8's like dirt slut's. But I'v bin stuck in england for the last year and a bit with no steel. ahh some one get to me.
  2. hot N spicy with lots of beens
  3. smerk


    dekoy reser base age. old but hot
  4. good to see some home town shit. (tars,logik)
  5. That last pic is just weird.
  6. smerk


    good shit and old kaput.
  7. that BN pasanger car is a good catch
  8. good to see some shit from my seen. keep em coming
  9. holy self promotion batman. but I love the hotdog.
  10. hope and from are up hella I see thare shat alot.
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