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  1. check out www.artkrew.com
  2. check out www.artkrew.com
  3. dope ...check out www.artkrew.com
  4. that artwork is unbelievable..that kid should keep it up...check out www.artkrew.com
  5. dope faces....check out www.artkrew.com
  6. check out ww.artkrew.com
  7. dope ass shit...i bet is a bitch when ya paint since its fucken hot...check out www.artkrew.com
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  9. hey relic hey relic if by any chance you see this post i need to talk to you man ...need some flix that nando said you might have.......hit me up torzidotwisted@hotmail.com
  10. that old guy thats a funny ass picture hahahaha.
  11. what tha all this bullshit for aims ha. funny guys
  12. hey sode hey man its me twisted... need u 2 hit me up about some shit.... torzidotwisted@hotmail.com
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