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  1. madism I can't feel my feet
  2. damn nice catches some real nice joints...
  3. CharlesMingus


    Diet HTK from SF is dope and knows his shit, respect, not to be confused with the fake diet from canada
  4. yeah yeah big zone killin' em softly. I seen that joint on Ebay...holla
  5. CharlesMingus

    The Bible

    keep it moving, I need to draw some new shit
  6. Wow you're quite the bencher - thanks, I enjoyed that...
  7. yeah, first I drew it by hand, then I scanned it in, then redrew in illustrator with the infamous pen tool...
  8. That last one is beyond genius where the fuck you come up on that?
  9. SpookyReverb great cars... Diggity excellent stuff right there... War pigs is that Struggle? Sorry Haven't been on here in a while. Doseoner nice stylized illustrative quality to your illustrator stuff... be easy
  10. This is redrawn in Illustrator. Not sure if I've already posted this or not...
  11. And some other random shit...
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